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Mallo Bisset

Mallo Bisset

My artwork celebrates the things that make me happy. While my subject matter does vary, I am greatly influenced by my love of color, animals, and nature. Having always lived close to the sea, water and the color blue seem to be a part of me and often make it onto my canvas. When I get an idea for a painting and I can't stop thinking about it, I know it's time to get to work. Often it's these obsessive moments that lead to the best work. Having tried many techniques, I now paint exclusively using oils and the palette knife. I love the texture created with the knife. My method is quick and definitive. Once I commit to a painting there is not a lot of second-guessing. I know a piece is done when the canvas is full of color. The most rewarding feeling is seeing a smile on the face of someone viewing my work and nothing compares to the satisfaction of having someone bring home a piece of my work. Hopefully my artwork makes others happy too. 





Phone: 772-260-5212