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Nancy Smyth

Nancy Smyth

Although formally educated in fine arts, my earlier career was in the corporate world. I am now focusing on my new path as a portrait artist that specializes in equine and canine art. I am also challenging myself to grow as an artist by utilizing different techniques and mediums and by also incorporating landscapes as background in my artwork.

I strive to depict a realistic picture of my subject that will convey their being and invoke emotions from my audience. It is gratifying to read my client’s comments upon receipt of their finished portraits. Statements such as “…you've given her back to us since now we can look at her each and every day feeling the love in her eyes and her sweet face” and “Nancy has captured my precious boy forever!” are just some of the intangible benefits I receive from creating art.

I have owned and ridden horses since the age of 17. This has provided me the ability to observe them in their natural state along with their unique form of communication between humans and other animals. Each horse individually displays characteristics relating to their breed, conformation, movement and temperament. I find it challenging to not only capture their beauty but the essence of their soul as well.

My artwork seizes a moment in time that portrays the bond between owner and their animal. I strive to create paintings that can reach deep inside my audience and touch those special feelings we all have for our furry companions.