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Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott

Paul, born in 1987, grew up in the suburbs of NYC. Discovering photography, the camera became a way to interact with and enjoy the world with his unique perspective. Initially his escape, the camera soon became a medium to share all the beauty Paul witnesses in life and the world around him. He explores the planet to capture simple yet profound moments that leave viewers as if they were there themselves. Transporting the viewer to a specific moment in time provides an opportunity for awareness and presence.

Paul has been a photographer since the age of 14. He began in photo labs, continued his photography education in college, and ultimately pursued his career as a photographer working with some of the top studios and individuals in the industry. The mastery of so many elements in photography influences his fine art collections and provides the tools to create under any conditions. Paul describes his process as shooting in a meditation - completely present with the experience before him. “My only job is to be ready and the moments present themselves.”

Paul has received numerous acknowledgements for his work including two 2022 Imaging Excellence Awards, 2022 Silver Award for WPE Photographers International Competition, 2021 Spectrum Spotlight Award during Miami Art Week, 2021 Broward CIP Grant* recipient, 2020 Silver Award for WPE Photographers International Competition, and many awards prior including several National Exhibit Merit Awards from Professional Photographers of America. His work has been published in various books and magazines nationally and internationally. Paul’s greatest personal artistic honor was replacing Peter Lik’s photography on Lik’s own yacht, Stealth, after the new owners discovered Paul’s work and, in 2021, becoming a Hasselblad contributor with his art showcased by Hasselblad.

Paul’s gallery, the Paul is Everywhere Gallery, opened early 2021. Paul continues to generate new projects and exhibit his work both domestically and internationally.