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Rachel Tribble

Rachel Tribble

I am most at home in the silence of nature where I can connect with the elements, trees, flowers and wildlife. Pushing into the balance between our world and the other-worlds within the ethers, my work stands at the edge of mythology and pop culture. Offering a vision that disrupts chaos and infuses unification, calm and a sense of place.

Working in oil, watercolor, graphite and the elemental force of color. I am invoking the peaceful spirits of the forests, waters, air, and the sun. Reaching deep inside the quietude of nature, I envelope us into the protection of trees rooted in the living earth, calm healing water, and occasionally, small dwellings deep within painting. All pointing to the undeniable power of community and the oneness of humanity and the Earth herself. I am inspired by Indigenous mythology and ceremony, sun cults, cave art and megalithic petroglyphs. Recalling a time when humans communicated differently. Transmissions set forth by our ancestors that tap into our primordial consciousness and remind us of a time when we understood our relationship within nature completely.

The ability to see nature holding more power than we do offers us perspective in our lives, realizing today’s tribulations are critical, but also small from a greater community view of peace. The work offers healing, solace, and safety. Tranquility, seeping into the background of our consciousness, creating a transformative experience and establishing space for peacefulness and reconnection. A reminder that we are a unified aspect of the Tree of Life, and that all life on Earth is a single ecosystem. Nature heals us, it heals our broken hearts, and honoring nature can heal our societies. What I am hopeful for is that the colors and otherworldliness I attempt to bring forward presents a reassuring gateway to peaceful well-being for all people.