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Scott Klimek

Scott Klimek

Introduced to the visual arts at a young age, Scott received his Fine & Applied Arts degree from the University of Illinois. While practicing architecture in Florida, Scott was introduced to SCUBA diving. The contrast and harmony found in the patterns of marine life creatures like octopus, nudibranch, crustaceans, and coral inspired a life-changing direction for him and was the impetus of his painting career.  

What started over 15 years ago as a quest to paint the patterns observed in marine biology evolved into an ensemble of vibrant biological-like designs.  Fusing the visual attributes of structure, circulation, membrane, and communication systems with his 20 years of vigorous architectural design training employing form, space, order and composition produces the Bio-ART-chitecture works displayed here today.   Bio-ART-chitecture exists to bring inspiration, wonder and even meditative respite to viewers while ultimately raising awareness for the amazing creatures we have on our planet and in our oceans and our responsibility to preserve them.

Inspired by creatures of all sizes, shapes and colors Scott is constantly exploring and discovering new, forms and patterns, rarely seen on the surface. Some of the process is documented below through posts to my Instagram page and the final products can be viewed in the Work section of this website.

If you have any questions about the art or would like to know more about works in progress, future shows or Commissions, please email me and I will get back to you promptly.