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Thomas Prestopnik

Thomas Prestopnik

After minor success as a silk screen print maker and trying my hand at drawing, collage, and photography, I found that my creative outlet can best be expressed in my large acrylic paintings on canvas. I want the viewer to notice my work as he or she enters the room where the art is displayed. The large size and bright colors will get their attention and draw them to the paintings. Once the painting draws them in they will want to decode, decipher or interpret the piece of art work. Hopefully, they will then add their personal experiences to my work to understand my intentions. This holds true to my collages, prints and smaller works as well.

After spending the earlier part of my life being a good husband and father and making sure that I was the best possible art teacher to my students, I realized that I had put my artistic career on hold for too long a period of time. Now at mid-career, with my children grown up and moved away and many of my past students off to successful art careers, I can finally focus on my own artistic endeavors and proceed to enter shows, secure an art dealer, sell my art work and pursue a career that I feel is overdue.