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Vickie Marsango

Vickie Marsango

Artist Statement:

As abstract art is an unpredictable source of imagination, it is a strong contender of communication. My work evolves through a balance of analytical knowledge and creative energy. During my painting practices as a professional artist and instructor it is advantageous to exercise the basic elements and principles of art, including compositional formats and color theory. When energy is projected by applying a feeling or emotion to the abstract representation of any subject, the work develops into a more interesting and powerful work of art.

Without establishing a set formula, I encounter many approaches for beginning a painting. By observing the lines and shapes of any tangible subject, a conceptual breakdown is key. The deconstruction or elimination of detail and use of expressive and contour drawing transforms images into vague representations. The application or building of layers with additional media reconstructs the work into abstraction.

The development of my art has been highly influenced by historical American abstract expressionists Joan Mitchell and Cy Twombly. Through extensive research and studies of their techniques my previous representational landscapes and seascapes dramatically changed into expressionistic versions resulting in paintings that have both raw and refined qualities.


Vickie Marsango is a professional abstract expressionist artist and instructor. She has attended colleges and universities in Illinois and California with an emphasis on fine arts, art history, and interior design. In addition to her formal education, she has studied with contemporary master artists at advanced artist workshops, painting retreats, and residencies.

Currently Marsango is founder of Expressive Explorations online courses and conducts live workshops at Vero Beach Museum of Art (Vero Beach, FL), Ah Haa School for the Arts (Telluride, CO), PaintSpace NOLA (New Orleans, LA), and advanced artist painting retreats at Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL).

As an instructor she is acclaimed for her perspective on abstract expressive drawing and painting techniques, compositional elements, and the creative process. Marsango works with acrylic, oil, mixed media, encaustics, and assemblage.

Creating paintings that establish harmonious arrangements of mark-making, tonal values, colors, and shapes, with an emphasis on theories of visual weight, define her well balanced compositions. She invites proportional relationships, informed decision making, and spontaneity during the painting process.

From Marsango Art Gallery & Studio, located in Jensen Beach, Florida, she assists interior designers with collections of her work to accommodate their design projects both residential and corporate. Additionally, her work is distributed for gallery representation. The variety of media and techniques provide outstanding statements for any style decor.

Marsango has been featured in Florida Design Magazine and Vero Beach Magazine sponsored by Big Art Now gallery of Vero Beach and Palm Beach, Florida. She is recognized by private and corporate collectors internationally.


Marsango Art Gallery & Studio
752 NE Jensen Beach Blvd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957