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Viktor Genel

Viktor Genel

I deutilize things.

Deutilization is my dear brainchild, basically meaning that EVERYTHING ever created by humans is ART, and it’s just difficult living conditions that made them disguise this great art as useful practical objects, without even realizing it.

Deutilization is destined to uncover this eternal mishap. Many great artists felt this way and did whatever they could, like Marcel Duchamp with his urinal, and many others.

I just happened to have a Eureka moment of bringing this to a conscious level, formalizing this as a direction in conceptual art. It opens up horizons so wide it’s hard to even imagine.

One of the most misunderstood and misused objects of sorts are business cards. Their true essence is under a dark cloud of pragmatic use, which trumps their true souls very hard, and their real meaning is to be tiny portals of people’s most dearest dreams and desires.

And it all would go unnoticed if not for the miracle of their proportions, which only wait for future discoverers. I cannot believe that their ratio of the square root of three – the second golden – the first to me ratio – is just a coincidence.

This little fact allows them to make Mecons, which perfectly pack the space, and this is how #MeconoMorph came to life, to be a combined projector of these bio-fields coming out of business cards which are not powerful enough while divided and compartmentalized in pockets and wallets.
United they stand (in the case of #MeconoMorph – quite literally, forming buckyballs/fullerenes capable of sustaining unlimited growth)