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Your recurring monthly contribution keeps the spark of creativity alive in our community. Your gift provides a stable, reliable income to MartinArts which is the foundation of our ability to achieve our mission. Among the benefits of monthly giving for MartinArts is that it provides support year-round, even during our slower months.

Why choose to give monthly? 

  1. You can set it and forget it!
  2. You'll be joining an exclusive community of supporters of MartinArts. Watch as we announce special perks! 
  3. Smaller donations occurring throughout the year are more manageable for the average donor to make a bigger impact!

Thanks for Being Our Spark!!! 

Select a monthly amount below. At the bottom of the payment information you will be asked to check a button to say "Yes" make this a monthly gift, please select that option as you finish making your donation to become a Spark! 

Amounts with an * indicate recognition as a major donor, an Impressionist!
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