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Maria G. Miele

Maria G. Miele

My Paintings capture and interpret natural environments in an expression of color and minimal composition. My work is constantly evolving which is evident in the variety of subject matter and painting styles throughout the years. My subjects are often inspired by life, pop culture, bold composition and interpretive abstracts. What stays consistent is my passion for color and bold, minimal composition as evidenced in my photography. Photography has always been a vehicle for inspiration and experimentation and is the usual resource for my paintings. Being able to capture a place, or moment in time and transfer that to a 2-Dimensional surface is what I am called to do artistically. I often think of Picasso as my muse and motivator, not for his styles or even specific works but for the work ethic, the commitment to his art and the importance of making it authentic to what drives me to create a painting or capture an image.